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Thorough Examination 

If you own or operate a forklift truck, you are required by law to ensure it meets the safety requirements of a Thorough Examination. A Thorough Examination meets and exceeds your 
obligations under LOLER 98 and PUWER 98

  • Thorough Examination is like an MOT, but much more vigorous.
  • It is a legal requirement that applies to all trucks with forks (including counterbalance, warehouse, telehandling and rough terrain) and lifting accessories, including trucks you own lease or hire.
  • Failure to comply can leave you open to prosecution, invalidate your insurance or lead to an accident due to faulty equipment.

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Who is responsible?

Although Thorough Examination has been a legal requirement since 1998, not everyone is fully aware of the obligations it places on truck owners and operators.
The table shows examples in relation to responsibility.

Long-term hire  The operating company 
Short-term hire  Both the operating company and the hire company
Used forklift purchase   The buyer


Don’t be caught out!

Not every inspection is a Thorough Examination. Inspection is part of a routine service and maintenance to ensure your truck is functional, but this is unlikely to be valid for Thorough Examination.

It is therefore important that you check your inspection plan to make sure you are covered. Toyota Material Handling UK are accredited by CFTS (Consolidated Fork Truck Services Ltd) to carry out Thorough Examinations.

Toyota ensure that Thorough Examination inspections carried out by our service team follow the strict CFTS procedural code and conform to all required legislation in this area.

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